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Like the Looks to Great Style


At first it seems this piece is a typical doodle turn gift to teacher.  But there is a lot of weirdness happening here. I love it. First there’s the art.  Front and center is the whatever-the-opposite-of-cross-eyed-is person. Is that me? There is a label there with my name on it.  And of course the person is surrounded by food–mostly ice cream, but also bread and cookies.   Then there is the cryptic text.  At the top it says, “From your fav. est. student ever. Who loves to tell jokes 3x!” Three time . . . what is that a reference to? A triangle? The trinity? Ice cream, bread and cookies? Then it says “You are a pretty cool teacher! (with a heart) ha ha . . .” Seems nice.  But does the ha ha mean she’s being sarcastic? Like, yeah right, you’re cool.  And finally it reads, “Like the looks to great style.” This is like one of those English phrases that would appear on Japanese milk.  Is it an incomplete simile? An imperative statement?  It doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the piece.  But I wonder.  What was this past student, now in the healthcare industry I think, trying to tell me.  Perhaps I should have left this ominous piece forgotten in the file folder, for I fear it’s enigmatic message may haunt for days, months, years to come. . .