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I’m sure I studied a little

I don’t remember most of what I write about in this letter. But it makes me feel like I took advantage of my time at K-State. And I have not idea what the article was that I sent home.


I went to the Rainmakers concert last night.  They were pretty good.  (Worth four bucks anyway.) I saw Vando and Fink there; along with Dickson, Arnberger, Lumpy, Angie H and Schmuts. Tuesday I am going to go to Second City–the comedy group.

There is a job available at Lee School (the one right next door). It’s only one hour a day, during lunch setting up tables, working with the kids, I don’t know what else.  I’m going to see about that–the principal called over here to see if anyone was interested.  I can hear dad now “Wooooo five hours a week!  Woooooo!” But hey. I’m pretty busy and $17 a week is $17 a week.  Besides, I like working with kids.  So anyway, I’m going to see about that.

Mom, mark your calendar now! November 12 and 13 at the Kansas State Union–the Tin Drum. Another fine cultural experience brought to you by Kaleidoscope. Thank you, thank you.

Speaking of Germans, could you get me Kiki’s address sometime.  I guess I’ll be home this weekend.

This weekend was Little Sister Olympics. this consists of a bunch of dumb events following a week of dumb events, followed by a party at the Pike house (which I didn’t go to because of the Rainmakers). I participated in the Egg Race. This was like a wheelbarrow–me walking on my hands, one little sister pushing me along with my legs. Only I had to crawl down with a raw egg in my mouth, drop it in a can, and come back. (It’s a relay race, 3 legs.) I was the first leg and of course I lead the whole way and my team-mates lost it for us.  My egg broke also so I just held it in til I made it to the bucket.  I also participated in the bucket brigade, but by that time–last event–we were so far out of it that we shout about every other bucket into the crowd or opposition or fellow team-mate. it was pretty fun.

You know that white wrinkle shirt I have.  The other day it got the whole pocket ripped off, but mom sewed it up good as new.

I went to Mike Warnke Thursday (Boy I’m busy). I took a kid in the house. He was pretty close minded about the whole thing, but not upset that he went.

Do good, or I hope you do good, Mike at Lyons. By the way, the guys in the house want you to know that if you want to come up on your birthday, they would be glad to give you a pole-job.

Guess that’s about it.  I’ll be “coming home” this week-end.  This article was in the Collegian last Friday.  See you latter.

Love, Matt


Run DMC Right and Exact

This button wasn’t part of my collection as a child. It was 1988 or 1989 when Run DMC played at Kemper Arena. My friend Dan knew a girl who’s dad had one of the suites–a few seats behind glass with access to a kitchenette and toilet. So when when Run DMC came to town, Dan wrangled access to the suite and invited me along. I’d been a rap fan for a few years. In high school Marshall introduced us to The Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, and a bunch of funk records. I was mostly, like everyone, familiar with the Raising Hell album. I think this concert was to support the next one, Tougher than Leather. Between acts we would wander out into the hall for concessions, that’s when I got this button, and to people watch. This was not the demographic that any of these small town Kansas boys grew up with. But rap has the power to unify.

So, while behind glass is not the best way to enjoy a concert–a sort of a communal experience, it was still pretty sweet. A little group that no one had heard of started off the show. They came out in matching jumpsuits doing coordinated karate moves. Oh what was their name, oh yeah PUBLIC ENEMY! Then there was this little two-man group that only had a couple hits. Who were they again, oh yeah DJ JAZZY JEFF AND THE FRESH PRINCE! Then Run DMC destroyed the place! Everyone, including the eight white kids behind the glass, were rapping along, dancing, high-fiving the folks outside the glass. it was great. I would love to go to that concert again.

I was born
Son of Byford, brother of Al
Bad as my mamma and Run’s, my pal
It’s McDaniels, not McDonald’s
These rhymes are Darryl’s, those burgers are RONALD’S