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Middle School VBS


For the last few years (not counting last year) I’ve been responsible for the middle school vbs at church. What we’ve done is serve the community in a number of ways. I think for the most part middle school kids know the basic bible themes that the little kids learn throughout the week–god loves you, etc; and they know the main bible stories that have been covered for years. And in my experience, they’re not up for more of that if it doesn’t mean anything in real life. Plus they can barely sit still for a bible story anyway. So in the past few years I’ve kept mine short–Jesus told us we were to feed the poor, so that’s what we’re going to do today. There might have been a bit more than that, but not much. In the past few years we’ve helped sort donations for the Joplin tornado, made and served meals for senior housing, collected cans for the food pantry, constructed and erected a peace poll, picked up trash at the park, made toys for shelter dogs, written letters to sick kids and soldiers. Maybe that’s it, or maybe that’s all I can remember. But it’s been good, and the kids have been great.