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Treadmill Films 82-90


Restrepo. 50 soldiers died for that hill (plus local kids); we left 3 years later. Probably jaded to wonder who made how much. Good film.

Brooklyn Castle. I’d vote for Pobo right now. Or Rochelle. Should we have to beg for quality public ed? Maybe these kids can change things.

The Crying Game. A film about honesty, consequences, and not recognizing a man in makeup. Nice legs though. Lyle Lovett at end a nice touch.

Metropolis. German silent version of Mocking Jay. Some beautiful shots & least-sexy sexy dancing ever. Hopeful ending I can’t quite buy.

Lawrence of Arabia. Super long, but don’t know what I’d cut. Interesting cat, Larry. Beautiful film. They’ll never make ’em like this again.

The Wild Bunch. A western. Never sure where it was going. Had its moments–bridge, gun fights. About getting old. Or Vietnam. Or something.

Antz. A pretty good Woody Allen movie. Fun visuals. A lot of noticeable voices. The infamous, “You da bug.” Kids and me laughed quite a bit.

The Secret of Roan Inish. A pleasant slow-paced little fairy tale of a film that kind of makes me want to live in a hut on an Irish island.

Roman Holiday. Plot? I could watch super cute Hepburn, hunky Peck, & beatnik Albert just tour Rome, have clever dialogue, and look amazing.