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Note to Myself

Ever write yourself a note, and then later find that you didn’t know what you were talking about?  It’s like that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry does just that, and when he realizes what the note means, he realizes it’s stupid anyway.

I recently found a note I left myself not long ago. I didn’t member leaving it, and I didn’t know what it meant. Here s  the note:

“Middle class American hypocrite pn god dashboard”

I left it on  my Google docs where I write stuff for this blog.  So maybe it was something I thought I should write about. I looked at it a couple of times for a couple of days, but  couldn’t cipher it out. So I turned to Google.

It turns out it’s a line from a George Carlin routine, a routine about god and religion, one that I saw last month when NBC showed the very first episode of Saturday Night Live.  It was a throwaway line, not one to make much of a point. Just that the universe is balanced. So since some people have a statue of Jesus on their dashboard, god has a middle class American hypocrite on his dashboard.  It must have struck me as funny or meaningful at the time, as I made the effort to type in into my notes.  But like Seinfeld in the aforementioned episode, now I’m thinking, huh, ok.

Here’s Carlin talking about making obnoxious noises in the classroom..  The cover says “Explicit Content,” but this part isn’t.