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Lost Cities

lost cities

Mark’s #47 is Lost Cities. Lost cities has probably been in our collection as long as any, 15 years? It’s a two player card game that Mare and I have just about worn out. We spent a lot of time together before kids, and after the kids had gone to bed, back when the kids would go to bed early enough for us to have a little evening to ourselves, sitting at the dinning room table playing lost cities. It’s one of those games that hits the sweet spot of making you think and make decisions, but allowing room for conversation as well. That’s the nice thing about a two player game. When two people are visiting, there’s not another wanting them to hurry up and take a turn. And it’s a deck of cards and a little board, so set up is shuffle the cards, and clean up is put the cards back in the box. Recently our daughter has taken to playing it as well. I’m sure it will still be around for another 15.