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Blogging for a Year

This blog is one year old, almost, give or take. The Real Matt Show started as a place to put up everything I’ve written over the years. I hadn’t intended to write anything new for it. But the thoughts about some of the student work I’ve collected, those were new. And then the reviews/discussions initiated by my comic book and record album collection, those were new writings too.

For the first year my goal was a new post every day. If you want traffic on your blog, they said, you must provide new content. Well, I’ve missed some days, but for the most part I have been pretty consistent. After a year, almost, give or take, some of the wells have run dry. My button inspired memories, which originally appeared on Facebook, are used up. The communion messages, which I’ve been writing and delivering at church every few months for the past several years, are used up. The creative writing that I did when I taught the class is long gone, although my novel is still sitting there, backed up in so many places I’m not sure what the most recent version is. I still have some short book reviews on Goodreads. I’ve mostly been using those when I didn’t have anything else to share as I think they are too brief to say much, and I usually have to fill them in at least a little bit. There are a lot of old podcasts left. There are a lot of things lying around which I’ve written on paper over the years, like the Letters Home of late. And I think there’s some bits and bots there in the Google drive somewhere.

As far as new material goes, I have a lot of comic books and records and buttons. I still read books. I still watch movies on the treadmill. And I’m still on the communion schedule.

My plan is to continue the blog, to continue to share old stuff, and to continue to write new. However, I’m taking the pressure off myself to offer something everyday, although some habits die hard. My plan is also to get under the hood of this baby and see what it can do. I have no idea how many people are reading this thing. I’m afraid to find out. But now that the habit is there, perhaps finding out that I’m writing for just me and my parents won’t discourage me too much.

My initial impetus for The Real Matt Show was to collect all my writings into one place so that if anyone, my kids for example, ever wanted to know who I was, this collection of memories and stories would give them some idea. It’s grown a bit in scope since its inception. But this is all basically me. Thanks for reading.