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Lazy Sunday

It appears that my time in Arizona is coming to a close and Mike and I will be following our dreams to L.A. He flew in and accompanied me home, through L.A., Vegas, our cousin’s house.  But maybe more about that later.


Enclosed is another piece of evidence attesting (?) that I have no golfing skills whatsoever.  But it was fun.  They–the clubhouse–was all out of cheap balls–or so they said–so D & I each bought 3 $2 balls.  In nine holes each lost 2 ($8). Nice orange Top Flight XL’s too.  Also enclosed is a column that I thought was kind of funny.  My last week is next week. I’m ready to hit the coast.  This evening–pretty soon–there is a picnic in city park for the players on the city church league ball teams and their families and anyone who may be spending the summer with them.  I’m out in the Arizona room right now on  my bed.  While N’s mom is here I am staying here (Arizona room). Last night we all went out to “the club,” a restaurant that D & N have membership to and get like 1 free or cheap meal a month or something.  It’s the city’s oldest building–has been a saloon, hotel, trading post, house of ill-repute, etc. I had a half a slab of BBQ ribs.  Could have eaten the other half.  Goooooooood! Also saw Top Gun–pretty good.  Legal Eagles–good too. Gotta go to this ball thing–write more later.

I’m back.  Picnic was ok.  Good burgers.  Afterwards we played Peanuts, Nerts, Blitz, whatever, here with M & J.  L & I won.  Gonna read some and to go to bed.  Be back tomorrow after church.

I’m back.  Went to the Nazarene church this morning.  It was pretty good.  Mostly just laid around this afternoon.  Good ol’ lazy Sunday afternoon. Dose Mike change planes or just wait in Denver.  N says Denver airport is a booger of a place to change planes.  Just thought I’d tell ya. You probably knew anyway.  Tomorrow looks like a busy day.  We’ve got to finish the Kentucky Fried Chicken, touch up another house, and stain a bunch of wood for another house for the guy I explained sort of what we did. Like I said yesterday, I’m ready to hit LA and go home.  See you soon.