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Films 145-153


The Duke of Burgundy. What the? Is this the movie Jerry and George kept trying to sneak into? Not much here for me. Maybe the mannequins?

Dear Zachary. Well done and moving. Do we all leave this kind of hole when we’re gone? All make this kind of difference? Sad and maddening.

Before I Disappear. Finding my sweet spot is a dark hopeless world, then a bit of hope when we dare to love. This film nails it beautifully.

Cinema Paradiso. Liked it better 25 years ago. So his magical time spent in the theater lead him to abandon his family and never find love?

Time Out. I was drawn into this man’s slow paced web of lies. I understand his pressures and frustration. But still, first world problems.

Electric Boogaloo. Fun look at some of the best worst movies of my childhood. I want to watch them all. Then bring justice to the streets!

Reservoir Dogs. Racist dialogue sticks out like sore thumb in otherwise near perfect heist/single-location film. Great shots, performances.

Shakespeare in Love. The love story moves me. The rest makes my inner Shakespeare geek smile. Great performances. (And Gwyneth-hubba hubba.)

World of Tomorrow. Dark, cute, scary, hopeful. We need reminded–watching screens alone or spending time with people, maybe playing trucks?