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Busy with stuff I don’t remember

No date on this one. I’m not sure what job I applied for that I didn’t think I’d get. I don’t think it was at KKSU. I don’t remember anything about the State Ag place or someone being on someone else’s crap list. In fact, I don’t know most of what I’m talking about in this letter.  Also, nothing like sending your folks a cartoon about rubbers to keep them up at night. And I found an add on the back side of the cartoons that brought back some memories.


Hi. How’s it going? things here are pretty busy, but I can take it.  I think the job thing was a bust.  I went there today. It was at the State Agriculture place.  The guy who thought he could get me a job told me he was on the bosses crap list so it would be best if I didn’t tell the boss I know the guy. So he takes me upstairs to the offices and the guy (boss) isn’t here.  I talk to his secretary who tells me they don’t really need anybody for the summer. Mr. C says he will keep in touch with me if anything comes up.  Today was my second day reading the news.  The 7:00 was pretty shaky. But I thought the 8:00 went pretty well. Anyhow, I’ve only done this twice, but tomorrow morning Mr. B can’t be there to show some new girl how to do it.  So guess who agreed to be there at 6:15 am for him.  Let me take this time to share the normal academic report. German–test Monday, so far getting A’s and B’s, catching on slowly but surely.  Reporting II–should do pretty well, very busy class. Video I–could be exciting–we will produce a news show and some commercials.  It’s exciting to be in the booth directing the show, controlling audio, video, effects, talent, etc. Philosophy–who knows? Mike got a B so I should do that well.  Creative Writing–I can tell you one thing for sure–I’ll NEVER be a poet. It wouldn’t be unfair to say I suck. Piano–going good so far–nothing I can’t handle.  I am looking forward to doing some things as Pledge Trainer. I hope my enthusiasm doesn’t run out too quick.  we have 6 pledges this summer.  Kaleidoscope is going OK, nothing great.  I haven’t heard from the Ambassador people for months.  i think they’re going to get punted–at least as far as I’m concerned.  Work is going OK. It keeps me busy enough that I don’t get lazy.  I haven’t had a date every weekend yet. This semester I really am hurting for time.  But we have a couple fo parties coming up that I will take advantage of.  Things in the house are looking up.  We may have some money this semester and rush is going well.  If you’ve time, send me names of people who are or are thinking about going to K-State. See you later.  Checks enclosed. Love you.

Matt Sears

P.S. Also included are a couple of cartoons to help you keep in touch with what’s going on at K-State.