Swimming in Seaweed

Another missive from my summer in Arizona.  As I type these, I am correcting spelling to make them easier to read (I’m a terrible speller).  I am not editing out things I say that make be sound like a 19-year-old from the 80’s–things like jokes about smacking babies or random comments about someone’s race.  If someone wants to go back in time 30 years and shake your finger at my young self, feel free.  Just be sure to look yourself up as well. Oh, and I don’t remember what I sent to mom.  I bet she doesn’t either.


June 16


Not much to tell.  Mostly just sending my check home, along with some other stuff.  The other stuff is basically for Mom.  It’s about 6:30.  Rough day today. About 10:30 this morning D had to go to Tuscon to get some wallpaper and some money.  While we (I went with him) were there we hit a show–Raw Deal with Arnold (pinhead) Schwarzenegger. It wasn’t bad.  M got his shots today–some baby shots, I don’t know–so he’s pretty fussy.  I gave him a rap in the mouth to shut him up.  It didn’t work and I got blood all over my hands.  –Of course I’m just kidding.  He didn’t bleed.  Thanks for the letter.  I’m think I’m going to write some this evening.  Last night (Sunday), we all went to a lake with some people from the church.  Did some swimming in some seaweed–not much though, that wears you out quick.  Went to church Sunday too.  We were about 5 min. late so we came in when the singing was going on.  (They just sing for about 30-45 min before the rest of the service–ie. offertory, announcements, sermon, etc.)  It reminded me of the Blues Brothers church. The minister is a black guy. Neat what-you-would-expect-black-baptist-type preaching.

Irrelevant point of interest==> Mom, I read where your Phil Collins record is a platinum 4-million seller, and your Whitney Houston record is a platinum 5-million seller.  You joiner!

Mike, see if you can get to work so that you can fly out here at the end of the summer.  Ma, you aught to come too.  Pa’s already been here, but he could come if he wanted.  Please forward any mail that comes to the house to me.  Tell Sadie [the dog] hi and get well soon. Tell everybody else that cares hi too.  Write when you want.  I love you all.



P.S. Be sure and put some of this money in my checking account.  I mailed all this in a big envelope so I wouldn’t have to fold Mom’s thing into little squares.

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