Shotgun Dreams

Oh, the days of watching a movie almost every night.


Fri 20

Letter #2 a week later [sent with the previous letter]


Hi. Thanks for the letter, Mom.  I have a hard time getting to the post office so all this stuff–escept this letter–is a week old.  I’ll send another letter and check next week–hopefully.

The mountain we climbed was Carr–maybe Car–but I think Carr.

Work is pretty good. So far we haven’t been real busy though.  But I’m looking forward to afew 12-16 hour days in the weeks to come.  There is a six-plex that will be ready then, a new church, a job at the fort that will take a weekend and which D has to pay us $28 an hour four, an inside bank job that will take a weekend, and a couple new houses, oh and some apartments.  When it rains it pours–although it hardly ever rains in Arizona.  –Just a little dry humor.

Tell Sadie [the dog] to be careful.  I had a dream where a mean hound dog was trying to get into the back yard and so I shot at him with a shot gun, but the shot would vanish just before it hit him. I guess it can’t come true til August.

About those tapes: If you could would you send me the In 3-D one. Be sure to put “DO NOT X-RAY” or they might and that would ruin the tape.  [I don’t know if this is actually true or not.] The other one–Kieth Green–belongs to Spencer Nelson (my pledge dad). It’s been paid for and is his.  He lives in McPherson.  I don’t know his address or how you could get it to him.  If you can, please do.  I don’t think he will be in Manhattan next fall.

Mike, if you find time could you make that Cosby tape.  I saw the movie “Bill Cosby Himself” that your one record comes from.  It was pretty much what the record is except it’s about 2 hrs. long.

N has been working at Shilo’s Vacation Bible School all week.  Tonight is a big covered dish supper for all those and their families of which I am part, who helped with VBS. N says there will be some good Mexican food there. A lot of mixed–black, white, brown, green, marriages down here and no one cares–neat.  [Ah, the ’80s]

Movie ratings. Diner (R) [drawing of a thumb pointing up] (Thumbs up) Bill Cosby Himself (PG) [up thumb] if you havent’ got the record memorized. Remo Williams (PG) OK–too close to call. To Live and Die in LA (R) [up thumb]–not bad sort of Miami Vice.  Faces of Death II (R) [down thumb] not very good.  Best bet–Diner–very good.

I better get ready for the supper.  Write again. I will next week.  I love you.



P.S. Natty Gamm (PG) [up thumb] very good.


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