Short Book Reviews 3

red badge

I don’t think it will make the curriculum next year. [I actually kind of like this book. But it’s hard to like Henry.]

whip hand

Can’t believe I didn’t review this one on Goodreads.  I gave it 5 stars. It’s an amazing dark hard boiled crime story with an equally amazing cover. And I believe is legally available for free out there somewhere.


Another good one with no review from me. Sad but hopeful story about a couple kids. I’d recommend it. You could knock it out in a day.

bull hunter

A fun western adventure story. Also available legally free out there.


I think Goodreads may be losing my reviews. Or i could be losing my mind. Or both could be true. Anyway, another fun crime story that takes place just down the road.  I’d read more by this guy.

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