Short Book Reviews 2


Koontz is a long time favorite with my students, so I finally read one. Creepy like King, but not so dark (or boring). I enjoyed it and will probably read another.


A fun 19th century story about a man with many secrets. Would especially appeal to history or magic enthusiasts.

lil bro

This was a fun story. It’s a page turner. And it made me more and more paranoid about big brother. It was a bit preachy sometimes. I had hopped to teach it this year, but I think it may be a bit too sexy for my district. I’ll check out more of Doctorow though.


The idea was fun, but the first story was so clunky that I was worried I’d misspent my 2 bucks. But they got better, and the last one, Blood & Tacos was great obnoxious fun.


Just too long with little going on. Took me forever to finish this.

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