This is the biggest piece of art I’ve received from a student. A teacher left our school a few years ago, and left this podium behind.  I snatched it up. The podium had his name sort of written on it, but it looked horrible.  One of my students offered to take it home and redo it for me.  I figured shed never get around to it and I’d never see it again. Obviously I was wrong.  This thing is awesome.  It looks like the logo for a superhero.  My one request was no glitter (the std of craft) hence the S outlined in glitter. So one point docked for that.  Otherwise, super cool.

This podium has served me for five years. In my new position next year I won’t be needing it so I’ve bequeathed it to my wife for use in her classroom.  And while the podium officially belongs to the school district, I don’t see me ever leaving the district without it.  The artist is currently studying magazine design, something she excelled at in yearbook class back in the day.

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