Save a Life

save a life

This button is not from my child hood, but from just a few years ago. I had my English III students work in groups to design and carry out a number of community service projects. I know this isn’t reading a story and answering questions, but it requires a half dozen or more language arts learning targets, plus most of our graduate goals. Some kids raised nearly $1000 for Haiti, some raised less for other charities, some spoke with younger kids about bullying or how to be ready for high school. This group designed these buttons, sold them, gave the proceeds to a local no-kill shelter, and maybe volunteered some time at that shelter. Pretty cool. My kids are doing it again this year [last year]. I got a text last night from a kid saying they’d made over $100 selling baked goods at the track meet. It’s fun to see them fired up about doing something good.

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