Reagan Bush

Reagan Bush


Ronald Reagan. When you’re a kid, your folks’ politics are your politics. I remember kind of rudely mocking a neighbor, an educated adult woman, for saying she was going to vote for Jimmy Carter instead of Reagan. You know what I knew about Carter? Peanut farmer. You know what I knew about Reagan? My folks supported him. I wasn’t exactly what you’d call informed.During the first Reagan term I didn’t pay any attention to politics. I had high school to be concerned with. But you know, Reagan seemed good enough for my folks, so, whatever.

When I got to college the whole Iran-Contra thing started coming out. And I began to read some of what Hunter Thompson was writing about the Reagan White House. And then there were all those communist professors on campus. I’m not saying I attended any meetings. But I did vote for Dukakis in ’88.

Say what you want about Reagan–he defeated the Soviet Union, he traded arms for hostages, the economy seemed to improve under his administration, maybe he got a little cozy with South American dictators. But it seemed like he and Tip O’Neill would work against each other during the day, and then have a drink together at the end of the day. Not like the ridiculous politicians we have today who pretend to believe, or god forbid really believe, that the members of the other party are evil anti American scum. Morons.

And Reagan was the only President to survive an assassination attempt. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

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