A man named Mark Jackson (aka pastor guy) has a blog where he writes about mostly about board games and God. Every few years he posts, over to the course of about 100 days, his top 100 board games. I’ve thought about doing something like that on this blog, but I don’t really consider myself qualified. I have a lot of games by any normal person’s standard, but when it comes to real board game geeks, I’m in the minor leagues. If I did a top 100 list, it would mostly all be games that I own. There would be a few games that are owned by friends and family that would make such a list, but not many. I tend to be the game buyer/owner in my gaming circle. Also, I’ve recently tried to curb my game buying and even game keeping; recently I trimmed my collection, at least on paper, to just 101 games. So unlike these major league geeks, there are a lot of games out there, new, and not so new, that it haven’t played. So again, I don’t think my top 100 games list would be that helpful, meaningful, or impressive.
But back to Mark. He’s recently started the 2014 top 100 games list at his blog. And I’ve decided that when he hits one of my games, or one that I’ve played but don’t own, I’ll link to his post, and add some of my own comments.
Number 92 on his list, Rampage, is the first place where a game I own shows up (he’s counting down from 100). It’s one that is played and loved by our entire family.  Despite my previous statement about cutting down on game purchases, last Christmas I splurged a bit and bought a few for the family. They weren’t all hits, but this one was. I bought this one with my son in mind; his not the game geek that his father is. It was a hit with both him and his game-discerning mother. I mean, everyone plays the part of a giant Godzilla monster destroying a city and fighting with one another.  Really, enough said. But the city actually collapses, building by building, vehicles are hurled across the board, people are eaten; you can even use your monster breath to blow down buildings and each other.  It’s really a thing of beauty.


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