Purple Paranoia

purple paranoia

Another k-state button. I’m not really sure what this means. Does thinking someone’s out to get you translate to support for your team? There was definitely some paranoia going on when I was at Manhattan. Most of it aimed at the Reagan administration on one side, and the communists on the other. There were protests when any republican spoke. My philosophy professors had allegedly been on the ground for some South American gun running operations. Communism was changing. There was still a chance that it might work out. I took a history of communism class with a friend. It made him mad every day when our professor would greet the class with “Good morning, comrades.” For kksu I interviewed a CIA spokesperson about the protesting of CIA recruitment on campus. But she didn’t let me record her, so it didn’t make for very interesting radio. Who knew that November 1989, Berlin was right around the corner.

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