Ozark Music Festival

Ozark Music Festival

Another festival. This one for Ozark music. What is Ozark music? Bluegrass? Country? Andy Williams? I think it was my 5th and 6th grade years that mom and dad owned, with my uncle, a camper. It wasn’t huge, but it was big. And we took it some places. Mostly I remember Branson. This was back in the day. Branson had maybe four theaters. The one we went to, because it was the one my grandpa liked (it was probably the only on he’d ever been to), was the Foggy River Boys. As I remember, which honestly isn’t too much, they did an old fashiony harmony gospely kind of thing with white leisure suits and wide collars. I don’t remember the show, but I remember standing in line and getting an album signed by each of them afterwards.

I think that’s also the trip that I raced grandpa. Just across the parking lot of some place. If I do my math right, he wasn’t that old. In his 60s. Of course people in their 60s were older back then than people in their 60s are now. It wasn’t long after that he had his heart attack. He told me he thought he felt something happen when we had that race. He didn’t say the race caused the heart attack, but it let him know that something wasn’t right. He recovered pretty well. But he was never as strong after that. And he certainly didn’t do any more racing.

Foggy River Boys

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