Other films 10-18


Twister. Effective monster movie, the monster being a real thing we sometimes have to hide from.  Tense, funny, cheesy but nice kiss at end.

How to Marry a Millionaire. I think I’d watch Monroe and Bacall in about anything. Made me laugh a couple times. Pleasant enough movie.

Creed. Wow. Great Rocky sequel/remake. Loved the subtle references to part 1. Stallone was amazing. Single shot round! Dusty in the theater?

Big Fish. Your life is what you make it. Both in how you choose to live it, and in how you choose to tell it. Fun and very cool to look at.

The Force Awakens. Oh snap! It just got real! Enjoyed the Episode IV-ness of the whole thing (except the droid). Great cast. Ready for more.

Black Sheep. Like a long Three Stooges movie. Chris Farley is all the stooges and nothing makes sense. I laughed. Now gotta take a squeege.

Die Hard. Anti-80s 80s movie and Christmas classic. Merry shitload of screen doors. Happy more F.B.I. guys. And yippee-ki-yay us, every one.

When Harry Met Sally. The best funniest sweetest romantic comedy ever made. When Billy starts running I want to cry. I must be getting old.

Monsters. “It’s different looking at America from the outside in.” What are those monsters coming across our border? Some good scares too.

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