Other Films 1-9

I started to write twitter reviews for all the movies I watch. Not just the fancy ones on the treadmill. Most of these are watched with my family, wife, kids, or all of the above. Here is the first batch of those.


First Blood. Got heavy at the end. Didn’t remember that after 35 years. An America where a vet wearing a flag was seen as a trouble maker?

The Babadook. Fun scary movie with super creepy moments. Metaphor a bit spot on (DadaBook?) So I appreciate ambiguous bowl of worms ending.

Glen Campbell. I’ll Be Me. Heartbreaking portrait. I Told Mare just leave me in the woods. She won’t. And I’m not half as charming as Glen.

True Lies. An action packed comedic over the top thrill ride.  Tom swearing, Jamie Lee as sexy accountant, plus Arnold. Holds up after 20.

Housebound. Surprising scary treat. Many great “holy crap” moments. Daughter may have dropped real swear at one point. Funny too. Watch it.

Nightmare on Elm Street 2. I thought this was one of the good ones. Not so much. But the kids and I had fun watching the dumbness together.

Doc Hollywood. Few surprises (except the full frontal). 20 minutes in you know the ending. But funny. And the dance scene is pretty sweet.

The Thing. Kurt Russel, as always, is the man. Paranoia, Wilfred Brimley, and so much drippy alien goo. The blood thing about made me poop.

History of the World Part I. Funny parts I remember after 30 years, still very funny. Other 95% doesn’t hold up. Especially the rapey parts.

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