One Way to Pick Strawberries

Here’s a popular story about my mom from a childhood friend, one of three sisters that I spent a lot of time with during my childhood.


I remembered a little Elaine memory…one I had forgotten.   Elaine came over to pick strawberries one summer afternoon.   I am thinking I was helping, but being a teenager I probably was not!  Anyway, it was pretty hot so Elaine decided to take her shirt off and pick strawberries in her bra!  She figured we were out in the middle of the country; it was more about being cool than modest.  I remember thinking I can’t believe she is out here picking strawberries without her shirt on in her bra.

Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday.  I am sure the laughter will not stop upon reading the memories of your mom.  Hey if you are ever looking for Bill stories. . . I will never forget when we all were sitting around your dining room table and his chair broke!

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