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nixon now

It’s interesting how all this political drama can be going on all around you, and you have no idea what’s happening, just because you happen to be in the first grade. I was 9 when the U.S. fled Vietnam, the war that was famously brought into our living rooms. And I have no memory of it at all. And as far as Nixon goes, and all the hoopla, no memory.

I do remember ordering a poster of President Ford from a scholastic book order in second grade. Yeah, I was that kid. And I remember having a brief discussion about the Ford-Carter election with my babysitter. My well reasoned point–I don’t know why they don’t just stay with the president we’ve already got. My baby sitter agreed.

My first Nixon memories are of Saturday Night Live skits that I didn’t really get. Dan Aykroyd’s Nixon pretending the whole coverup was just he and Halderman playing a joke for the microphones. And was there a weird one where Nixon ended up on his knees with one of is aides praying for help while the painting of Eisenhower gave him the stink eye? Did I just make that up? (Maybe the Eisenhower painting part came from Porky’s.)

[After some research, it was a portrait of Lincoln (“You’re lucky; they just shot you.”), and it was Kissinger forced to his knees to pray with Nixon. — Rolling Stone’s 50 greatest SNL sketches of all time.]

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