My Twitter – MrMattSears

A quick plug for my twitter – @mrmattsears. I’m not selling anything, so I’m not sure why I tweet. I guess it’s a way to stay in touch with friends who are too hip for the Facebook. If you follow me you’ll mostly find in my twitter feed my short reviews for the films I watch on the treadmill–the best movies on Netflix according to Rotten Tomatoes, an occasional retweet of my school engineering twitter account–@ar3engineering, an infrequent and brief twitter war with one of my past students, a rare picture of one of my old trading cards, recently a photo for every day of the summer, and I guess that’s about it.

This blog is me writing and reviewing and remembering everything in my life.

Facebook is mostly what’s happening in my day to day life with the occasional joke that I should probably put on twitter instead.

I’m not really sure what do with twitter, so I guess I’ll just keep doing those things listed above.

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