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After a recent visit to my brother’s house, I left with two containers, one cardboard, one plastic with the half of my old comic collection that I didn’t already have in my basement.  Of course it was fun to shuffle through the old books, and I found myself sorting them, which involved spreading them all over three couches and the floor. I even bought an app to help me catalog the collection. I don’t know what I’ll do with any of that data. But it’s fun to flip through the covers on my iPad, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

20141223_111004_HDR 20141223_111039_HDR

Even though the collection was fairly randomly distributed throughout three different containers, based on my memory, as opposed to nice rock layers like archeologists have, I noticed something about the collection. There was a point were I went from buying and reading comics for my own enjoyment to buying them as an investment. Near the end of our comic buying days a lot of books begin to appear with words like “First Issue Collectors Item!” or “500th Issue Collectors Item” or just “Collectors Item” printed on the cover. My brother and I (I suspect he slipped some of his comics into these boxes) knew these small 60 cent investments would be worth hundreds if not thousands some day. I haven’t researched the value of any if these investments. Partly I’m afraid to find out they’re worth not quite what I paid for them. Partly I’m sure that some comic collector will see this post and these photos and will get a hold of me with huge offers for pieces of my collection.

20141223_122859_HDR 20141223_123006_HDR

If my collection was laid out like layers of rock, I think the oldest ones that comicologists would find, on the bottom layer, would be Richie Rich and the other Harvey comics. Next would come the occasional Marvel title and a lot of Superman, Batman, and Justice League titles. Batman would continue on up after most of these other titles stop appearing in the higher strata. This is when two groups of comic begin to show up–the aforementioned collectors items, and Jonah Hex. Batman continues to remain in the layers after the collector’s items disappear, but they too eventually are no more to be found, leaving Johan Hex as the last comic I regularly purchased and read. Then some time travel thing happened and Jonah Hex jumped the shark. But that’s a story for another time.
Comic collectors willing to swap big stacks of cash for the comic pictured above, feel free to leave a comment to that affect below.  Thanks.

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