Musical Tribute

Way back when, back in the 80’s, when I spent some time in Europe, there was no skype or internet or other easy and inexpensive ways to stay in touch with people halfway around the world.  Except the mail.  When I was in England working at the pub, my brother made me series of tapes and sent them too me.  A couple of them feature virtual tours of the fraternity hours.  I don’t think I can post these as the way my brothers behaved and spoke 25 years ago isn’t a very good representation of who they are today. For most of them at least.  One of these tapes featured a visit with my family and family friend Carrie who happened to be home from college.  I don’t think I can post that one as there was some various gossip about people from the neighborhood, and occasionally it got a little mean.  Just a little.  Finally, brother Mike made me a musical tribute tape.  That one I’m going to share.  I think the clips are brief enough to keep us out of legal trouble.  Mike probably thinks he sounds dumb on the recording, but we all think that.  I think it was pretty cool to take the time to make all these and then send them to me through the mail.  It meant a lot.

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