More Coasters

These pictures are horrible.  I took them in a dark garage, and I think it about made my poor ipad’s camera have a stroke.  But I made some more of these.  they can be coaster or wall hangings.  And if you want two sets from the same book, I can probably do that.  They’re $15 a set, plus $5 postage.  Let me know if you’re interested.

Star Wars

star wars





Country –

They came out a little wrinkly.  I’m learning that some paper just doesn’t work as well.



Peter Rabbit

peter rabbit

Kid’s Bible


Snowy Day

I loved this book.

snowy day

Where the Wild Things Are

Another of my favorites.

wild thing

Dick and Jane (and Sally)

dick and jane

A company of parrots

a company of parrots

Jungle Book

jungle book



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