Life Be In It

life be in it

I guess in the late 70s the public health and fitness people could see the writing on the wall, what with video arcades, hand-held Mattel sports games, Atari, 12 channels of t.v., beanbag chairs. The plumping of America was at hand. So the campaign–Life. Be in it.

But seriously, how sweet were those Mattel games. We spent hours pushing those three buttons as fast as we could. When I was in middle school, the boys gathered on the stage before school, and among the general jostling and nonsense talk there was the constant playing and passing of a few of these games. And when a new one was brought, like the version that included passing and not just running, that guy was the most popular kid on the stage for a week.


I guess these games had a short life span, as they aren’t part of my high school memories. Then it was mostly the big arcade games that we played, but not a lot. Except for Steve. He had an article written about him and all the time and money he spent on Asteroids.

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