Intention of Wholeness

More on mom.  I hope people write things like this about me one day.  Which probably means I need to start being this way.  This one from a son of my parents’ old friends.


I have a lot of great memory’s of your mother.  We have shared some great laughs but the memories I keep are the ones that moved me.

She was always offering a hug when I saw her.  Even in the teen years when the last thing an adolescent boy wanted was a hug, but she knew it was the greatest thing I needed.  And if anyone was around, she would tell them how long she’d known me and how I love liver.  And to this day that same hug is always available.

Now I like to believe these hugs are just for me, but I have seen the world receive these as well.  Living 4 houses from the high school I have seen her interact with other kids as well and with as much intention.  One day I watched a kid walking south from the high school before school was out.  Obviously he had called it a day.  I saw Elaine pull over and talk to him.  Soon he was in the car and she was pulling a u-turn back to the school.

There is always an intention of wholeness coming from your mom.  How it occurs to the rest of the world is up to the world, but those of us that have received it are blessed.

Thank you

a Dios



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