I admit it. Sometimes I tell made up stories to my students.  Made up stories about my past.  Why do I do this? Partly because my stories are so ridiculous that surely they won’t believe me. And partly because my stories are so ridiculous that it will be amazing if they believe me.  So it’s possible that during my many years of teaching I may have briefly discussed with my students the rapping scene that I was part of back in the 80’s.  I rapped like no other, broke rapping ground, single handedly created rap sub-genres. In my rapping history I had at least two aliases.  One was “E-Z P-Z.” E-Z P-Z was the fun, nonthreatening party rapper who rapped about having fun, busting moves, talking to nice girls, and going to church.  As often happens though, I lost my way.  I harkened the call of the gangsta side of the street.  I began to spit out the nastiest raps about the nastiest parts of life–nasty parties, nasty girls, doing crimes, and not going to church.  I became “ICE-3” aka “ICE-TREY,” and totally lived the thug life on the mean streets of Abilene.  The stories I could tell, both good, and nasty, would make your eyes pop out.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my students.  They know it’s true.

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