I got the fever


Remember back in the 70’s when you could joke about Rocky Mountain spotted fever? This year I had a colleague come down with the RMSF and was out for several days. Anyway, I’m sure this button comes from the Colorado cousins. I can kind of remember visiting them in Ft. Collins (I think), but mostly in Alamosa. I remember brother Mike and I hanging out one afternoon with Cousin Eric who was maybe five years older than me. He may have been a senior in high school at the time. We went down to the Rio Grande, which was a short walk from their back yard; Eric built a fire, caught a craw dad, wrapped it in foil with catchup, cooked it and ate it; we swam and played in the river; Eric showed us his bow and various arrows, and let us attempt to shoot it; he introduced us to some of his friends at this old cabin/derelict house/hideout kind of place where they kept a huge collection of dirty magazines (ok, that part was a bit awkward). But overall it was a great afternoon in an otherwise typically mundane family vacation. Eric was very cool to his little cousins. Like his sister Lynn from a previous post, Eric is also an artist, sculpting these cool bronzes. You can see some of his stuff here.

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