Have a 3-2-4-4 Day


Have a 3-2-4-4 day. Ah, back in the day when the food pyramid was easy and not controlled by the beef & dairy industry. That’s three dairy servings, two meet, four grain, and four fruit/veg every day. I’m sure nutrition scientists have changed those numbers since the 70’s, but they were good enough for us back then.

Back in the day when Mrs. Snodgrass and Nedham would check to make sure we’d eaten some of everything before releasing us to recess.

Back in the day when Jimmy Ward would throw rolls out the open lunchroom window.

Back in the day when Kent Larsen would fling a spoonful of peas across the lunchroom while yelling “Martian turds away!”

Back in the day when we regularly received roasted marshmallow on a peach half or carrot shavings in orange jello.

Back in the day when we probably didn’t appreciate how good we had it having basically home cooked food everyday.

Back in the day when during school lunch week we had to eat everything on our plate to get a 3-2-4-4 pencil, and since Snodgrass and Nedham were wise to the hiding of food in our milk cartons, I held all my cole slaw in my mouth while she checked my tray and sent me outside with pencil proudly in hand so I could spew that nasty slaw all over the playground. Totally worth it.

But who’s Nelson?

Friend Julie: I have that button. I remember when we thought we could hide food we didn’t want to eat in our milk cartons. Mrs. Snodgrass was onto us pretty quick. And now I am one of those lunch ladies at Kennedy!!! I have actually caught a few kids doing that and it cracked me up. I let them go dump their tray anyhow.

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  1. Roger M. Wilcox

    “Nelson Nutrient” was the spokesnutrient for the Dairy Council’s educational materials. They featured a special record-player synchronized with an advancing filmstrip projector. In the 1st episode, they introduced Nelson Nutrient, whose real name was the difficult-to-pronounce phenylalanine.

    I later learned that phenylalanine is downright poisonous to people with a disorder called phenylketonuria.


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