Hardee’s (Best eatin’ in town, up and down, and all around.)


That’s right. I put in my time in the fast food industry. I did a month at Hardee’s during the summer of ’87. I was a morning dude. So I got up early, got things cooking, made the biscuits from scratch. You know, no big deal. As I remember it, I punched out after the lunch rush. The manager was the mom of a friend. She was pretty cool in the morning, would make us sweet omelets. But when the lunch rush hit, if you didn’t have your crap together, get ready to have a new hole ripped for you. Some may say its wrong to take a piece of cooked meat that had been dropped on the floor and put it back on the grill or on a bun to be served so the customer didn’t have to wait another five minutes for a new patty to cook. But you weren’t there, man. You don’t know what it was like. It could be scary. My memory of Hardee’s is good. But the pay was fast food pay, and I was living at home. So when an opportunity to be a groundsman at a tree trimming company in Merriam came knocking, I took it.

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