Good old Olds

January 1987

Family Dear

Finally got a little time to write you a letter–let you know what’s going on. The Big “I” was this week so I’ve got a little studying to catch up on–not much.  I can’t believe Man’s P. [physical?] World. We’ve been in there for 5 days–more than a week and a half–and we’re already tp ot acceleration (“Now that’s the rate that uh, that something speeds up, or slows down–whoa, heavy!”) but I am spending a lot of time reading for Am. Novel–three hours a day this week.  I’ve got Rick S. in my Intro Music class.  He said he may go home this weekend and watch the Pokes at the Salina tourney. Haven’t heard ho we did.  When is the Wamego game going to be played? K-State took a crushing defeat yesterday afternoon to OU. Ouch. If we could have made our free throws and lay-up.  (If ifs and buts were candy and nuts . . . ) Tell Doc D. that if he wants to make any KSU- KU basketball bets, I’m more than willing to get some more free Coke.  We finally figured out what rooms we’re going to have and I’m all moved in.  I’m upstairs, down the hall, first right after the bathroom. Saw a good movie last week–“The Atomic Cafe.” It was a bunch of old 40’s and 50’s film footage about he New Nuclear Age–army training films, news clips, ads for nuclear proof neighborhoods, duck & cover, etc. It was pretty funny.  I’ve got some questions from it.  Mike, do good against the Salina teams. See ya.

Love, Matt

P.S. “Don’t say anything you wouldn’t tell Stalin.”


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