Good Cop Bad Cop

I have another review over at Wink Fun.  Here it is. But if you’d like more (and higher quality photos) of the game, plus a lot more reviews of fun things, you really should visit the Wink Fun home page.


There’s corruption in the police department. One of the officers is actually the crime kingpin. Some of the cops are working for the kingpin. But there are also good cops on the force, led by the powerful agent.

In Good Cop Bad Cop players are randomly dealt those rolls–good cop, bad cop, kingpin, and agent. Three integrity cards face down in front of them determine their roll. At the beginning of the game, no one knows who anyone else is. Armed with only their wits, items found around the station, and when things get hairy, a gun, players must suss out who is working for what side, and take necessary action.

On their turn, a player may take one of four actions. They may investigate–peek at one card of another player–this will be the most common action early in the game. They may take an equipment card–this requires them to turn up one of their integrity cards, revealing valuable information about who they are working for. They may draw and aim the gun–this also requires them to turn up one of their integrity cards. Finally, if they have previously acquired a gun, they may fire it. Shot players reveal their identity, and are out if the game unless they are the kingpin or agent, then they are wounded and can take one more shot before being killed and ending the game. If the kingpin is killed, all good cops win. If the agent is killed, all bad cops win.

It’s a pretty simple game and plays in under 20 minutes. The fun comes from not knowing who can be trusted, from gathering intel and knowing what must be done, but not exactly when, and from playing an equipment card at the perfect moment to really mess things up. In a 4 or 5 player game who is who is sussed out fairly quickly before the bullets start flying, but it’s still fun. I’ve never played fewer than three games in a sitting as it’s one of those “One more time!” games. I’m looking forward to playing with a full compliment of eight.

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