Four-dollar Royals!

From the summer of 1987.  I was living in Merriam, splitting wood for a living. Eventually I would work as a groundsman for the same company. It was a good summer. A couple interesting things here. One, that I played 18 holes of golf.  That may have been the last time that happened. Second, $4 for a Royals game.  This, 2 years after they won the World Series.  Sheesh.

Dear Family Sears,

How are things back at the ranch. Things here are pretty good.  I went golfing the day I got your package (Monday). (Tim and I started work at 6 AM so we didn’t miss out on any work.) Anyway, I lost about all the balls that you sent (I didn’t use the floater.) The course was called Dub’s Dread. Miserable.  The longest hardest course in KC. Really. We played 18 holes.  That is Tim, Jerry, Ron–co-owner of Shawnee Mission Tree, and I. The water is what killed me.  But I’m getting better. Jerry and I beat Tim and Ron for $7 a piece.  Best ball. I won 2 holes–they gave me a stroke a hole.  I don’t know what my final score was, probably about 120. But I figure $7 should buy a bag of old golf balls somewhere. I need quantity, not quality.  We also went to a Royals game–their first against–I forgot who they played–but it was fun ($4 total). And Tim and I have hit some used book stores.  I’ve spent a few bucks–not much. I’m keeping track of most of what I send [spend?] and get. The work isn’t’ too bad.  We get about 3 cords a day done. So you can pretty much figure our gross for the summer. The work tends to be boring, but we get paid in cash every couple of days which is a little inventive. What is dad’s schedule Tuesday?  Will he be by here? When? is the whole family coming up? What’s the deal? Let me know. See ya later.



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