Films 154-162


Oldboy. This smart violent revenge thriller had me hooked. Then it ends by going over whatever’s over the top. Too much pain/despair for me.

Gomorrah. Liked the use of barely connected threads in telling this organized crime story. Never clear of the sides, not that it mattered.

Turbo Kid. Love the Atari-ness of everything. And Apple. And the bikes. Even all the silly blood. A fun homage to great dumb 80s flicks.

To Kill a Mocking Bird. How is this film 50 years old? It’s still so great! The kids are amazing. I can’t think of anything wrong with it.

Uncle Boonmee. A trippy ride of a film. Occasionally takes a break for a little chill time, or fish love, or whatever. Let it flow over you.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Fan of Gong Show. Read the book years ago. Film’s a fun adaptation. So enjoyed it, but not left with much.

A Clockwork Orange. Anti sex and violence film with lots of sex and violence. As disturbing as it is, there’s a lot to like. Mulling it over

Uncommon Valor. Saw it 2 nights in a row at the theater in ’83. Cheesy bits still cheesy. But actually better than I remember in some ways.

Major League. Better than I expected, but still not that great. Some laughs. Surprised how I was made to care if they won that stupid game.

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