Films 127-135


Dazed and Confused. My kid looks for someone good in this movie. Me: What about him? 5 minutes later every kid in film smokes a lot of weed.

Big Men. Seems there should be balance between good for the people of Ghana and profits for stockholders. And corrupt officials. And thugs.

City of God. Beautifully shot, fast-paced epic melodrama in the slums of Rio. Didn’t hook me cuz shallow characters and annoying narration.

The Overnighters. The church trying to be the church. The “twist” was unnecessary. Didn’t fit the story being told, then wasn’t dealt with.

Django Unchained. Tarantino saying a lot of things about a lot of things. I mostly liked the relationships. Not so much the exploding blood.

Ida. *Every*single*frame* of this film is so beautiful it’s almost distracting. Loved this simple and fresh exploration of what’s important.

Ender’s Game. Fun sci-fi. Just touches on the book’s themes. Too bad it didn’t do well enough for more. Would love to see piggies on screen.

The Hunt. Unsettling. The guy didn’t seem to try to help himself much. Trust the Danes to fire a hunting rifle into a mostly hopeful ending.

Amelie. Love this quirky little Vonnegutesque film. The French have a way of building the tension to that first kiss. Always worth the wait.

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