Films 118-126

I’ve decided to quit separating these short movie reviews into two groups, those from my WhatIsOnNetflix list and all the other movies I see.  Partly because it will be easier, partly because there are good films on both lists and dividing them up that way seems a little snooty if not arbitrary. That said, all these films are from the best of Netflix list.


2001: A Space Odyssey. Apemen! I’m freaking out, man. You are freaking out, old man. I’m a space baby! Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer. .

The Hurt Locker. Every frame of this beautifully shot film makes me tense, from the gun fights to the grocery store. Like I was a soldier.

Almost Famous. I totally relate to that teen-age boy’s rock and roll fantasy. And then mom’s on the screen and suddenly I’m her. Great film!

Heathers. Longtime favorite. High school can be hell. Just need someone to fight the power. But not blow up the school. Lick it up, baby.

Pulp Fiction. A modern classic. Script, music, performances, nonlinear storyline, energy. Almost everything is perfect. . . Say what again.

Virunga. Forget the gorillas and jungle for a minute. How many *people* will you kill and displace for oil money, or a percentage? 60,000+?

Gideon’s Army. I love these people! After MaM, this brings hope. The system is still stacked. But these public defenders are amazing folks.

Two Days, One Night. Great performance by Cotillard. A weird (European?) plot. Strange management practice kept me out of the film a bit.

Out of the Clear Blue Sky. Compelling sad and inspiring 9/11 story. And challenged my preconceptions of those who work on Wall Street a bit.

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