Fernando vs. The Little Professor

When it comes to looks, I mostly favor my mother.  But here’s a fun little visual comparison with my pops.  The first picture is me prior to my stage debut as Fernando De Las Vegas, a 1930s social climber. It was very fun. I can’t act my way out of a paper sack, but I can remember lines pretty good, and I’m not afraid to sport a bad accent and be big and silly on stage. So I did o.k. The next picture is my dad as an 8th or 9th grader. He looks like a little professor, right? Truth be told, he didn’t spend a lot of his spare time doing experiments. Instead he spent his days roaming the countryside, having adventures, and catching snakes. If he’d known of such a job (maybe he did, I don’t know) I think we would have been a good ophiologist. Instead, he became an accountant. I guess if you picture a 1960s accountant, you can see some of that in my young father.


Anyway, I like to think there’s something of a resemblance between Fernando and the little professor, beyond greasy hair, glasses, and a serious look.

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