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Isn’t it cool to get a completely unexpected gift from someone.  I got two of those this year. The first came in the mail on Christmas eve, a gift from a cartoonist friend of mine.  Friend is probably a stretch.  We took a few weeks of improv classes together a couple years ago, so we’re more than acquaintances.  But I believe we could be friends if didn’t live a couple hours away from each other.  Anyyywayyy, Dale Martin is the artist/author of Watusi the Talking Dog.  (If you scroll down a bit, you can find a link to Watusi on the left side of the page.)  He sent me a very cool Christmas card and a copy of Dime Bag Comics.


Dime Bag Comics is an anthology of 10 different, mostly one-page stories by seven different cartoonists.  Each story is inspired by an actual item found at a local thrift shop. A pretty fun idea.  The items include a diary, a dvd remote, matching cat cheese knives, a children’s tie, and a programmable talking Ken doll. As with any anthology, some of the pieces are going to speak you, and some aren’t.  One page is not a lot of space to tell a story with words and pictures.  But most of these artists reached me. A few of the pieces I loved. And, a couple of these comics, I’m not proud to say, went right over my head.  But overall, this was a very fun experience.


The book is well produced. There’s a cool overcover (word I just made up) made of paper bag material, as well as photos of all the items throughout the book.  It’s a nice package. This comic had a print run limited to 50 copies. I don’t know if there are more out there or not. But I know where you can find out.

I encourage you to support independent comics in 2015. If you just treated yourself once a month, it’d be like Christmas eve 12 times a year.

2 thoughts on “Dime Bag Comics

  1. dale

    Glad you liked it, Matt! You captured perfectly the hit-or-miss nature of anthologies: not everything will appeal to everybody, but something will. I think it turned out really well considering there was about a five-week window from conception to completion. All the contributors were real troupers!

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