Daytona 500

Mark’s game #70 is Daytona 500.  I still remember finding this game almost 20 years ago in a Goodwill I used to frequent in Norfolk, Virginia. I recognized it for a desired game.  It was sitting out, near the checkout like someone had set it there while they ran back to grab one more thing.  Or, I thought as I approached it, they had a change of heart as they reached the register. I’ll just keep an eye on it for them, I said to myself as I stepped toward the game. The box was in very rough shape. I opened it up and surveyed the contents. It seemed to all be there. I looked around. “This anyone’s?” I asked quietly inside my head. No one answered. I slowly packed the game up and moseyed toward the checkout. I really didn’t want to snake this game out from under someone. Hopefully I didn’t.

Anyway, I bought it, and it’s been a favorite of my wife and myself for years. Not only was the box in rough shape, the cards were bent, the insert flattened, and the cars were half stickered, half not. And we’ve played the dickens out of it. This is another of those games that you can easily teach to the non-gamers in your life. This seems to be a family common denominator on Mark’s list. Daytona 500 has been taught to many friends and family.

daytona 500

I’ve also picked up a few other tracks, some designed for this game, some that came with other racing games.  We play these as well.  One of them is very long, making it tricky even to finish the race.  And at one point I toyed with, even to the point of designing and printing out cards for, a variant that allowed players to buy mostly violent upgrades for their cars and play a Road Warrior inspired game. I think my friends played a race or two with me, but development didn’t go any farther than that.

I’ll echo the thoughts that this is a game ripe for reprint. It would be nice to play with non-mutilated cards.

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