I’m not sure what this button was used for. It appears to be a name tag, maybe. Of course I know who Lynn is. She’s my oldest first cousin. I’m not sure exactly how much older, but I’m going to say 7ish years older. As a result, when the family got together I spent less time with her than with other cousins (plus she was a girl), so somehow she wasn’t that interested in running around the farm throwing dirt clods at each other. What I do remember about her as a kid is two things. One is her laughing. Sitting around the table or around the family room, she was quick with a funny remark and quicker to laugh out loud at something someone else had said. I liked that. The other is that she was the first teenager I spent any extended time around. I remember watching in quiet wonder at her outbursts because her folks told her she was taking too long to get ready or because one of the adults had said something ignorant. Oh, and she also had amazing 70s hair. Yeah, I had a crush on my cousin, so what. Lynn is still funny, plus she’s an amazing artist, teacher, and mother. I hardly ever get to see her anymore. Hopefully I can do some traveling in the years to come and remedy that.


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