So there’s this crafty thing I do because I love the art in comic books and kids books, and that’s turn the art from those books into drink coasters.  Sometimes I attach a hook on them so they could hang on the wall if a person wanted to go that way.  Anyway, I’m selling these little craft items here to help pay for The Real Matt Show.  They’re $15 for a set.  I’ll ship them in the U.S. for another $5.  I’m still perfecting my process.  I’m finding that different types of paper reacts differently to my adhesion procedures.  You can see the Superman tiles are a little wrinkly.  I think makes them reminiscent of old comic books and ads character.  However, most of them have turned out nice and smooth.  If you have specific pages out of your own book you want to rip out and send me, I’d be glad to apply my magical process to those pages at not extra charge. As I make more I’ll make them available here.  Let me know if you’re interested.  We can use PayPal.  Or cash.  Or barter.





Hardy Boys



Are You My Mother?



Drummer Hoff






Go Dog Go

2 thoughts on “Coasters

  1. Brenda

    Matt, We use our coasters you made for us all the time. They look like new and we’re pleased with them! Thanks


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