Cherokee Beads


This amazing beaded piece came to me from an actual Native American princess from the Cherokee tribe. It’s a holder for a ballpoint pen.  Princess was one of my favorites.  School really wasn’t her priority, so many of our discussions involved me checking up on her grades and encouraging her get her school work done.  But I also had time to have her teach me and the rest of the study hall some of the Cherokee language (I retained none of it, but I could count to five there for a while), and to talk to us about Cherokee stuff.  She didn’t talk about her personal life much.  She was one of those kids who had a lot of crap in her life that a kid shouldn’t have to deal with. Sometimes a teacher just wants to give parents a good shake. But she almost always had a positive attitude, and her smile was contagious.  She pops up on facebook occasionally, still smiling.  Last I knew she was back in Oklahoma with the love of her life.  I hope she’s doing well.

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