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Plainview #35

This is a short and sweet one.  We talk a bit about the preparation for Maly’s 6th birthday party, share some of the cute things the kids have said recently, and talk about a movie, Talk to Her, which I think is critically liked (if not adored) and that we didn’t care for much.

Plainview #33

A long episode this week where we talk a bit about movies, some we’ve seen, and some we haven’t–still haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain. Mare sort of declares victory regarding the death penalty challenge, and yet it sort of continues. Blasts from the past include our Windows 98, looking for a god podcast, and DARE and indoctrination. And there’s a song.

Plainview #31

It’s almost Christmas vacation 10 years or so ago, and you can hear the weariness in our voices.  Too much Christmas! Too much buying.  Too much drama class. Too much Santa Clause!  But you know what you can never have too much of? Donald Duck voice!  Merry Christmas everyone.

Plainview #30

Next on Big Guns and Scary Melons:

Snow Day! So lets talk about slightly racist Dr. Seuss and Memories of Murder. And MaryEllen throws down the gauntlet for Christian supporters of the death penalty.  This 10-year challenge has not yet been met!  Then listen closely at the end where you’ll hear Mare call me brilliant.

Plainview #29

“No more tag!” The Plainview’s “No soup for you!” originated right here on Plainview #29. This is a short show as apparently we’d done one of those shows where we thought we were recording and weren’t. We also talk about Onward Christian Soldiers, Will’s yellow belt, NBC, and Sunshine.  And it’s short. So you have that going for you. Which is nice.