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Films 190 – 198

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Force Majeure. The ideas raised about who we are and how we get through life, and the haunting images employed have stuck with me. Good film.

Lethal Weapon. It’s been a while. I’d forgotten the whole Vietnam vet angle. Mostly holds up. Good 80s buddy cop shoot ‘me up. Plus Busey.

Central Intelligence. Haven’t laughed this consistently throughout a movie in forever. Hart and Johnson crush it + Smart women + 16 Candles.

Sixteen Candles. The sweet parts were even sweeter. The Duck Dong parts were more uncomfortable. Hall, the little nerd, still cracked me up.

Secret Life of Pets. Took a while, but once things started happening I was sucked in. Very funny. Loved the old Basset Hound. Fliberty floo!

American Sniper. Know who wasn’t in this movie? The fuckers who made oil money in Iraq at expense of American soldiers and their families.

Ghostbusters. I enjoyed it fine. Plot had some holes. But I laughed some. But with this cast, it seems like it should have been funnier.

Mel Brooks: Make a Noise. Standard biodoc. But fun to get a little behind the scenes of his films. And Mel and Anne are super cute together.

The Warriors. As dumb & fun as It ever was. Back when NYC was terrible. Luther’s even crazier than I’d remembered. Come out and PLAAY-YAYYY!

Films 181 – 189

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Good Will Hunting. Great performances. Despite the swelling strings, too neat ending, and “It’s not your fault,” I still like them apples.

Russian Ark. Impressive feat. But more of a cool trick than compelling film? What do I know. I’ve never made film more than 10 minutes long.

Ali. Things I liked: It’s not a standard bio-pic. The long opening collage. We see Ali at his best and his not so good. Smith’s performance.

The Trials of Muhammad Ali. Things I liked: Historical background. Ali boxing. Ali trash talking. Second wife Belinda Ali trash talking.

The Three Stooges. A movie that clearly had to be made. Cuz. Um . . . Larry David as a nun. Annnnd . . . The snowman joke. Annnd. Ummm . . .

Quest for Fire. Soft spot in my heart for cavemen/movies. Perlman is amazing. Explains man’s love for fire, hunting, and out-of-town girls.

The Crucible. About my 10th time. Still love it. Great writing. Abigail’s awful. Proctor’s great. Giles is pimp. “More weight. That’s pimp!”

Dope. A great Risky Business update: kid uses business savvy to get into college, funny and exciting, and awkward bits for family viewing.

Iron Man 2. In order of importance. Mickey Rourke’s super sweet electric whips! Charming performances. Many laughs. Good fighting. The plot.

Films 172 – 180


Braveheart. So William Wallace/Mel Gibson is like Jesus, but Jesus the enemy-killing, cuckolding homophobe? Otherwise pretty good I guess.

Iron Man. I’m shocked, shocked! that my weapons ended up in the wrong hands. [builds new cool weapon] Oh no, not again! Fun superhero movie.

Napoleon Dynamite. Most of us weren’t this awkward, but this is how awkward we felt. And the ending gives hope even to us super-nerds. Gosh!

The English Patient. So a love afair, lots of looks, a bath, a war, and she dies. That takes 3 hours? I was more interested in Kip and Hana.

X-men. So not a lot of depth to the characters. And the big story arc isn’t resolved. But it’s a fun starting place. And many films to go.

Moonrise Kingdom. Exceeded expectations. It’s us broken people who can and need to take care of us broken people. Fun. And the quirky works.

X2. A good action movie that happens to be a superhero movie too. And like X1, about other things. “Son, have you tried not being a mutant?”

The Nice Guys. The McGuffin’s kind of dumb. But I enjoyed this hilarious action-packed L.A. noir. Great action, performances, and dialogue.

Beverly Hillbillies. Low expectations + your kid laughing a lot + Buddy Ebsen = mildly enjoyable film. *Every* scene ends with a dopey face!


Films 163 – 171

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Walt Disney Short Films. Really liked Paperman and Tangled Ever After. Makes me wish shorts were shown with features like back in the day.

Particle Fever. I think I’m more theoretical than experimental. If only I knew what all those squiggles and dodahs meant. Interesting stuff.

The Kids are All Right. Better than I remember. Life is a marathon and a man has to be better than just cool. Moore and Bening are so good.

White God. Strange film. Haven’t seen anything like it. Planet of the dogs and more. Liked it, especially ending, but didn’t quite grok it.

Superfast! Watched this with my boy because he wanted to. That’s the only reason I can think of to watch this terrible lame not funny movie.

Fearless. Two of my favorite shots: Smelling the stranger’s baby & toolbox crashing through the windshield. And others. But does it hold up?

Manuscripts Don’t Burn. Well done & important film. But seems so hopeless. Except that this was shot under the nose of the regime, so . . .

Chef. Hit some of my sweet spots: food, fatherhood, roadtrips, Sophia Vergara. Loved the grilled cheese scenes. And now I want a food truck.

Cap Am: Civil War. This is how you do an Avengers movie! I’d love for these dudes to direct Justice League. So much to like here. #SpiderMan

Films 154-162


Oldboy. This smart violent revenge thriller had me hooked. Then it ends by going over whatever’s over the top. Too much pain/despair for me.

Gomorrah. Liked the use of barely connected threads in telling this organized crime story. Never clear of the sides, not that it mattered.

Turbo Kid. Love the Atari-ness of everything. And Apple. And the bikes. Even all the silly blood. A fun homage to great dumb 80s flicks.

To Kill a Mocking Bird. How is this film 50 years old? It’s still so great! The kids are amazing. I can’t think of anything wrong with it.

Uncle Boonmee. A trippy ride of a film. Occasionally takes a break for a little chill time, or fish love, or whatever. Let it flow over you.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Fan of Gong Show. Read the book years ago. Film’s a fun adaptation. So enjoyed it, but not left with much.

A Clockwork Orange. Anti sex and violence film with lots of sex and violence. As disturbing as it is, there’s a lot to like. Mulling it over

Uncommon Valor. Saw it 2 nights in a row at the theater in ’83. Cheesy bits still cheesy. But actually better than I remember in some ways.

Major League. Better than I expected, but still not that great. Some laughs. Surprised how I was made to care if they won that stupid game.

Films 145-153


The Duke of Burgundy. What the? Is this the movie Jerry and George kept trying to sneak into? Not much here for me. Maybe the mannequins?

Dear Zachary. Well done and moving. Do we all leave this kind of hole when we’re gone? All make this kind of difference? Sad and maddening.

Before I Disappear. Finding my sweet spot is a dark hopeless world, then a bit of hope when we dare to love. This film nails it beautifully.

Cinema Paradiso. Liked it better 25 years ago. So his magical time spent in the theater lead him to abandon his family and never find love?

Time Out. I was drawn into this man’s slow paced web of lies. I understand his pressures and frustration. But still, first world problems.

Electric Boogaloo. Fun look at some of the best worst movies of my childhood. I want to watch them all. Then bring justice to the streets!

Reservoir Dogs. Racist dialogue sticks out like sore thumb in otherwise near perfect heist/single-location film. Great shots, performances.

Shakespeare in Love. The love story moves me. The rest makes my inner Shakespeare geek smile. Great performances. (And Gwyneth-hubba hubba.)

World of Tomorrow. Dark, cute, scary, hopeful. We need reminded–watching screens alone or spending time with people, maybe playing trucks?

Films 136-144


The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I really liked this collage of a film. We’re all a bit unstuck in time. And all sort of in a diving bell?

Return to Homs. The “Syrians should stay home and fight” folks should pick up a half-loaded rifle and joins these guys. I don’t understand.

Forrest Gump. My first viewing. I love the last 30 minutes of this film. Him meeting his boy and marrying Jenny is worth the silly stuff.

Spotlight. Not sure why it’s fascinating to watch hard working people doing important and difficult work. But it is. And I’m glad they did.

Winter on Fire. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

“Inside Out. Creates such a giant, crazy, intricate world. Yet it totally works, sucked me in, grabbed me, and squeezed my heart a little.

Hot Rod. Not a fan of the man-child genre. This one surprised me. Seems smarter than most. Loved the Footloose dance homage. Plus Samburg.

The Martian. A great tense, exciting, funny adventure story. And all the engineering, and people working together. And Matt Damon was great.

History of The Eagles. Three hours long. It didn’t seem like it. Fun to relive our history through those songs. What a fine sight to see.

Films 127-135


Dazed and Confused. My kid looks for someone good in this movie. Me: What about him? 5 minutes later every kid in film smokes a lot of weed.

Big Men. Seems there should be balance between good for the people of Ghana and profits for stockholders. And corrupt officials. And thugs.

City of God. Beautifully shot, fast-paced epic melodrama in the slums of Rio. Didn’t hook me cuz shallow characters and annoying narration.

The Overnighters. The church trying to be the church. The “twist” was unnecessary. Didn’t fit the story being told, then wasn’t dealt with.

Django Unchained. Tarantino saying a lot of things about a lot of things. I mostly liked the relationships. Not so much the exploding blood.

Ida. *Every*single*frame* of this film is so beautiful it’s almost distracting. Loved this simple and fresh exploration of what’s important.

Ender’s Game. Fun sci-fi. Just touches on the book’s themes. Too bad it didn’t do well enough for more. Would love to see piggies on screen.

The Hunt. Unsettling. The guy didn’t seem to try to help himself much. Trust the Danes to fire a hunting rifle into a mostly hopeful ending.

Amelie. Love this quirky little Vonnegutesque film. The French have a way of building the tension to that first kiss. Always worth the wait.