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An English Walk

See the previous Letters from England post for the photos described here. I tried to match them to that letter, but may have used some that went with this letter, or there may have been some overlap. I really don’t know.


June 22, 1989


Today I got my first taste of real English weather in quite a while. It’s been overcast and cool all day. Yesterday and today are my day and a half off this week. I work tonight at 5:30. Yesterday I took most of the day off. I couldn’t go anywhere because the trains weren’t running due to the strike. I did walk about 3 miles out to the country. It was nice. Speaking of that, let’s get right to the pictures.

#1 is an example of what I saw on my walk. It was a very clear day–hot too, up around 30 C (90ish). The horizon is supposed to be the coast. I’ll send more landscape pictures later. Photo

#2 is the “hotel” room I stayed in for the first four nights. There were five of us in there. A bunch from the east and me. During my four days there were 2 from Princeton, 1 from George Washington, a Yale person or two, and I don’t know where there others were from. As you can see, it was a pretty nice place–the only room in the hotel with a TV and “private” bathroom. Not bad for £11 a night – or maybe it was, I don’t know.

#3 & #4 are my room at the Dog & Bear. Not bad for free. The ceiling is just about 6 ft. high and it kind of slants toward the middle–due, I guess, to  almost 400 yrs of settling. I don’t know a shower, but I’ve adapted. Mom, note the hoes in the closet.

#5 is the bar behind which I work. That’s the assistant manager washing glasses. A pretty nice place–Rob & Sheila–the managers–keep the riff-raff out.

#6 of course is for R.S. Kent is very agriculturally oriented–as you can see in photo #1. This is on the main street leading into town oops, village. Lenham is not a town but a village. I’ve had that pointed out to me several times. I’m told that John Deere are common here. Anyhow this is the first one I saw.

And #7 is for I. Just and example of how yard-art can beautify one’s home. This house is also along the main street. There are some really nice 15th century houses here–and some pretty rose gardens. I’ll send these later also. That’s part one of the pictorial tour of Lenham.

Thanks for the letter and the Calvin strips. I saw Chang win the open & I heard about the fight. But the basketball was news to me. I wouldn’t mind being kept up on how the Royals are doing. I’ve sent an example of the baseball news from one of the major paper.


Cricket is big here. I am slowly starting to get a grip on the game. itself, but I have a hard time getting real enthusiastic about it.

I ran some numbers through V’s calculator and here’s what i came up with. If I work for 3 months or less I don’t pay tax. I do pay 9% health insurance, but not the additional 25%. It works out that I receive the same amount of money for 4 months work as I do for 3. The end of three months from my arrival (84 days) is August 29th. If I work past that I pay tax. I could work longer and then tour, but by then it would b e winter time. What I’m thinking right now is to work all 84 days. Then set out tramping around Britain for about a month. Then head over to Germany. I’m still planning things out, but those are my jumbled thoughts at this moment. Any suggestions might be helpful.

Here’s a  wish list–things I would like you to send: the two hats from Uncle Ed (I got a call from him last week about 6:30 in the morning, just wanted to see how things were going–you’ll have to be careful about who you give my number to. By the way. If you do plan to call, the best times would be around 9:30 am your time–the bar closes from 3-5:30. At that time I would be finished cleaning up & would be east lunch. Or after 5:30 pm. the bar closes at 11:00 pm–again, I would be getting things finished up then–closes at 10:30 on Sunday.) Anyhow–the 2 hats, some of the neater paper match books. I showed them on from the Hyatt & they – R & M (asst mngr) said they could hang them up or something if they had more–they thought it was neat. And a bell with Ike or or Abilene or Kansas or something. Before my arrival in Lenham, the hotel had been booked for this week, so I have been moved in with the cook & her two kids. I noticed last night that she had several bells in a case in her living room & thought that would be a neat thank you gift for putting up with me for a week. And something with Mickey Mouse on it. I was talking to a girl who said she would like to go to America to get something with Mickey Mouse on it as all she had close to that was a picture of her boy friend. These are tow of the nicer people I’ve met. Nothing outstanding about them–just neat people. The hats are for John & Peter, two regulars. Both have been to the state and are sort of “Yankophiles.” I’ve seen both of them in similar head gear from America. They are also pretty good guys. (John was thrown out of the country as an undesirable. He had a 3-week holiday passport stamp & stayed 6 months working for the head of the border patrol in West Texas before being deported.) That’s about enough for now. See you later.





Some Pictures from Lenham


Saturday 8th [June, 1989]. Got your letter today. Just finished the crossword–got it all done. Between the rail strikes in London and Sundays, it is difficult for a letter to take less than 7-8 days between Abilene and Lenham. First I’ll answer some of your question, then if I do anything worthwhile tomorrow or Sunday I’ll tell you about those. The bar is pretty busy–particularly on the weekends. But some afternoons it is very slow–just a few customers. Many people drink Lager–beer like at home–or Bitter–warmer, darker, flatter, and supposedly tastier. They aren’t too bad but I understand it takes some getting used to. There is also cider. And many people mix their bars with each other–Light & Bitter, a half pint of Bitter in a pint glass and an open bottle fo Light Ale (ale & bitter same thing)–with lemonade–Lager Chandy (Chanty?), half Lager half lemonade–and with whatever else they can think of–1/2 pint of Guinness 1/2 pint sweet cider. But they also drink Gin & Tonics, Bacardi & Cokes, etc., as well as fruit juices & Cokes. I don’t really get tips, but people do buy me drinks–which I save up & have after 11:00. The English have this “stupid” tradition (quoting an Englishman) of buying everyone in their group a drink, then the next person gets the next one, etc. Tom, the Englishman quoted above, and I would both rather sit & talk with our friends and buy our own drinks. Tom and  man named Bob–both about 60–got into a friendly discussion one very unbusy afternoon. And it reminded me of a K & V reunion in the year 2026. Tom – K & Bob – V. Bob is the first & only person I have yet talked to who did not hate Margaret Thatcher. Tom is fun to talk too–you know how some people are just easier to relate to than others.

You know language was much more of a problem than I thought it would be. Now–a month later I am beginning to understand most of them. However, people come in who are from up north and often they have to repeat their order a couple of times–slowly.

Sunday afternoon.

I am enjoying my afternoon, watching Becker & Edberg. I missed the first two sets. Thanks very much for the phone call. Great to hear from you. I am getting used to the long hours. And am feeling more & more at home. Had roast beef for Sunday Diner today, along with veg–peas & cauliflower, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding & cheese cake–not bad, huh?

Had a great thunderstorm here Thursday night–right out on the square. Since then it’s been drizzly and overcast. I told the Hedges that if I was here Christmas time, you all would be as well. they said great! Don’t worry about me not getting to see all I came to see. I have all kinds of time.

More answers–After landing in Gatewick, getting my luggage etc, I went to get my passport stamped. Where will you be staying? What will you be doing? How much money do you have? Do you have a return ticket? You will purchase that here then? After that I just walked through customs. I slowed, but they said don’t stop unless requested to do so, so I passed right through. I talked to a guy here that was stopped–he’s English & was traveling somewhere in Europe–and forced to have is butt opened & searched. That or wait there ’til he had to crap. I would have waited.

Let’s do some pictures now. This is the last of what I’ve had developed so far. Some of them are pretty bad. #1 is the hotel–just like the brochure. The door on the right–your right [who else’s?]–goes into the bar. The other into the restaurant.


#2–pretty obvious, but I thought it was a neat sign. (Bear bating–now that was entertainment.)


#3–also obvious, but I was amused.


#4 is part of the church cemetery–the same church as in the other picture. Big stones.


#5 is sheep. These were on the same land as Tom Baker’s (Dr Who) house.


#6–Tom’s house & hop house.


#7–part of my walk–in the distance you can see a cross. That cross is just outside Lenham. It is a war memorial. It was first done in the 20’s for WWI. Then it was covered up so German pilots couldn’t use it to tell where they were. After WWII it was uncovered again.



#8–the same cross. You may not be able to tell, but the road sign has been shot with a shot gun–people are people.


#9–English country side on my walk.


#10–Just outside Lenham. Doesn’t remind me much of England. Kent is a real pretty area.


#11–More of Kent. Again, in the distance is supposed to be the coast. I like this picture.


I like the horse one too. The next two stink.


#12 is a view from my room in London.


#13 is the train station at Canterbury. Why I took these two pictures, I do not know. [I’m sure a few pints had nothing to do with it.]


The rest of the roll had photos from the evening at Warren & Phylis’s & one of Sadie.

Monday, July [June?] 10th. Today I went to Deal. Saw the two castles on the post card. Deal castle is pretty much empty except for a couple of displays. But I think I enjoyed it as much as I did Walmer Castle. Deal was built by Henry VIII. It is right on the coast. Built for defense, but used only once during a civil war. It was fun wandering around the tunnels beneath the castle. I got a little lost at one point, but eventually wandered out.


Then we–Brett went with me–walked down the coast to Walmer Castle. Still lived in by the Queen Mother sometimes, so much of it was closed off. But the castle garden was real nice.


The beach was alright–but as you may or may not be able to tell, it’s not sand, it’s smooth stone. Daytona is a little nicer. But it was still nice to sit and watch the ocean.


As for the banking situation, I got an account at the National Westminster Bank in London through the BUNAC agency. there is a Nat West bank right across the square, so I just deposit it there. I should receive some checks in the mail soon. After 3 paydays–paid in cash–taxes already paid–I have £120 in the bank and £80 to deposit tomorrow. I figure every week of work is at least a week of eventual travel, minus the cost of a back pack and sleeping bag. I go the pre-Racy wedding letter today. [I don’t know what this is.]

If I get so fed up with this job that I can’t take it I will do something else. But as of now I am content. The pay is good, as are the accommodations & food & people. And I am feeling more & more at home. There is a lot to do and I have a lot of time to do it. The weather today was mostly overcast & cloudy, but the sun did come out for awhile. In the near future I am going to try to get to France, London, and to Leeds Castle to play some golf. We’ll see. Thanks again for the letters & stuff, and for the calls. See you later.




An Innocent Abroad

After graduating from Kansas State, I obtained a work permit, and flew to England. There I found work at a hotel pub for a few months, then traveled around Europe some. It was amazing of course and I’d recommend it to everyone. This letter is a lesson in “Life can be great even if you don’t do all you planned.” Of all my plans listed in this letter from early on at the hotel, most didn’t happen. (I’ve listed those below.) And I still had a great time.


Thursday 15th [June 1989]

Family, thanks for the letter.  I’ll see if I can’t give you a run down on what’s going on.  Right now I’m on my afternoon break. A typical day starts about 9:00 am with setting up the bar, cleaning a little bit, etc. then there is breakfast. This morning I had egg, bacon, toast & juice. The bar opens at 11:00 am. I tend the bar, keep things clean, pick up, etc. At 3 in the afternoon the bar closes until 5:30. During this time there is a little clean up, lunch–today cottage pie & vegetables, then about 1 1/2 hour break. At 5:30 it’s back to the bar til 11:00 pm–closing time. And usually done cleaning up before 12:00 pm. I get Wednesday off and Thurs am or Tues pm off also–not sure which one yet (neither this week). Yesterday I went to Canterbury with Rob–the manager. Went through the cathedral and then a little Chaucer thing. It was neat. The city itself is very touristy–like a giant shopping mall.  But the cathedral was good.  That evening I watched the film Becket on Rob & Sheila’s VCR–about Thomas Becket and his murder in the Canterbury Cathedral. In a couple of weeks we may go to France for a day or so.  Also I’ve been invited to go golfing at Leeds Castle sometime, and to a cricket game, and to the local church. I’m going to see if I can’t work out church next Sunday morning.

Rob and Sheila are nice people.  They and the rest of the staff have made an effort to make me feel at home. (Rob told me yesterday that if I find a girl while I’m here, she will have to pass Sheila’s approval.) I’m making L120 a week I think. That will be about L80 after taxes. I receive free room, board, and laundry facilities as well. I can’t think of anything I need yet. I bought a tape player.  Also–w pair of black pants, 2 white shirts, and some black socks for work. I am already making plans for travel after I am done working. I’m not sure ho long I will last working over here. It seems to me if you are going to have to put up with England, you ought to be doing something fun–not working. But I will put up with it at least a couple of months–perhaps then I will move on to to something else. Also I will look for BBC stuff. Right now I feel like I should stay awhile, as they are training me and putting up with my screw-ups. I haven’t written anything in my book yet.  Don’t know what to write–don’t want to fill it up with crap. I’ll write more when I know more.  See you later.



[I did not: go to France with my boss, play any golf in England, attend a cricket game, go to church across the street, find a girl there, find work at the BBC, or write much more than crap in that blank journal.]

My Future’s So Bright

It’s interesting to see how much of my future that I lay out below came true.  I never made it to Alaska, but pretty much everything else happened. I don’t think I took the classes Backpacking or Golf.  I don’t remember them if I did.  Also, I’m pretty sure I did things in boulder that my mother would not have.  Probably I figured I freaked her out enough with this letter. Finally, let’s pour out a 40 for both the Walkman and cassette tapes. Rest in peace.

November 1988

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the letter. Here’s one back to let you know what’s been going on and what I’ve been thinking about. For ease of the reader I will at least start off covering things in chronological order. Just in case you were wondering, grades are looking adequate. This has, for some or many reasons, been one of my worst semesters. All classes–if I get with it and I am–should come out at least B’s–maybe an A or two. Except German. I had a talk with my instructor today. She is going to help me a couple of hours each week, plus I’m going to continue working on it.  For the purpose that I am taking the class, I should have taken it A/Pass/F, but it’s too late for that now. At any rate DONT WORRY. I’m not. But I am aware and concerned and I suppose you can bee too (like I could stop you). I figure I had a tough time learning English, why should German be any different. But I will press on. Pre-enrollment begins in a couple weeks and with a note from R I should be able to get what & when I want. Probabilities–> Senior Seminar RTV, Backpacking, Golf, a lit class, (German II?). I looked at the interview stuff yesterday. It’s really too late to start this semester. But I am going to complete it so I can take full advantage of it next semester. But I am going to complete it so I can take full advantage of next semester. Here is a very tentative plan: Graduate. Hit Europe. Then, depending on whether I’ve a job–through interviews or some other job Radio-TV or Other–I come back and work. Or at the end of the summer–or later depending on what comes up (or earlier I guess) I come back and get more schooling and no doubt some sort of job. More schooling is always and option. And maybe somewhere in there fishing in Alaska and working the ski lift will fit. As long as I can stay single (probably a very long time) I want to do fun stuff (unmarried type fun stuff). Well, now that you are worried sick about my future, we’ll move on.

I am going to try and come home this weekend, but probably the weekend after that. I’m not going to KU. Too bad about their B-Ball program anyway. (HAHAHA HEEHEEHEE) K said as much as he tried to avoid it, that he had a nice long talk with you. I’ve decided that I am NOT voting BUSH–NO WAY IN JULY! And in all likelihood I will vote for another major party’s candidate. (Aside–> Bush and Dukakis are in a boat. The boat sinks. Who is saved? –see answer below*) R said you were funny when you called him Sunday night. Walking through Boulder–seeing the mountains, seeing the ski stuff.  I am ready to go!! Boulder was fun.  I didn’t really do anything that I shouldn’t have–at lease I didn’t do anything that you wouldn’t do. (Now there’s soemthing to worry about.) I’ll tell you a couple stories when I’m home. I’m trying to be tight. I’m glad I have my job though. Thanks for the letter today. I’d better close this one off. I’m in the library and I really should get some studying done. I have pledged to study at least three hours a night for at least six nights a week for at least until the end of the semester. Tell everyone Hi & stuff.  Bye Bye.



P.S. You know what would be maybe a good idea for a birthday present (just 8 more days) would be a walkman tape player. I went to a sale last week to get one at coast, but they were already sold out.


*Answer: The Country

Partying at the K-State Football

No date on this one. Football season 1986 I’d guess. What do you do when your football team is the worst in the country?  Sing and dance with with others in attendance. Most of this I don’t remember. But I do remember the parody composite. Unfortunately I don’t think the water polo team ever materialized.



It was good to see you this weekend.  Hope you had a good trip back and everything. I forgot to ask you–Mom–how your Bible study leading is going. I think that’s cool. I hope it goes great. When did you all leave the game? About the end of the third quarter we all quit watching the game (pretty much) and just had a blast! The band played Twist and Shout and we all danced and sang–then they played it again and we all danced and sang. (You probably saw all this.) Then the FIJI’s across the aisle started singing Louie Louie and the band joined in. Then they sang You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling and the theme to the Brady Bunch. We answered with The Beverly Hillbillies and Don’t Send My Boy to Missouri. After the game the band took the field for post-game. They played a couple songs then Twist and Shout again, to which we all took to the field and danced with the “Pridettes.” (I found out that AM and CE are Pridettes.) It was a blast! So we lost again.  Oh well.

I bought the Sanyo fridge. It was $105. There is a 2 year warranty on parts and labor, and a 5 year warranty on the compressor. Another kid in the house has one and says its a decent fridge. I will send gram & gramps a letter and thank them.

I saw FJ at church yesterday.  He was up for the Kappa’s dad’s weekend. I said “hi” to him. Last night it rained something fierce. This morning really–about 5 am–the lightning & thunder was awesome. It had to be striking just blocks away and then BOOM! It was cool. I’ve decided that my next sport–not counting flag football if I do that–will be inner tube water polo. The house is going to have a team and I’m looking forward to a great season.  We may have to go sing again. Sat. night the PiPhi’s stole our composite (That night JF and I made a parody substitute and put it up. B’s a short kid–picture was like this.


G–who gets crud for not having a chin, got a profile with a doted line showing where his chin should be. We did ourselves also. Sunday morning it was a hit–everyone loved it. It’s still up.)

Mike–good luck Thursday at the old Abilene Invite. It was good to watch you Saturday. Work hard!

Well, no tests this week. At least one next week though. See ya all later. I’ve you.



P.S. I got my first ice cubes today! It’s a banner Monday!

Busy with stuff I don’t remember

No date on this one. I’m not sure what job I applied for that I didn’t think I’d get. I don’t think it was at KKSU. I don’t remember anything about the State Ag place or someone being on someone else’s crap list. In fact, I don’t know most of what I’m talking about in this letter.  Also, nothing like sending your folks a cartoon about rubbers to keep them up at night. And I found an add on the back side of the cartoons that brought back some memories.


Hi. How’s it going? things here are pretty busy, but I can take it.  I think the job thing was a bust.  I went there today. It was at the State Agriculture place.  The guy who thought he could get me a job told me he was on the bosses crap list so it would be best if I didn’t tell the boss I know the guy. So he takes me upstairs to the offices and the guy (boss) isn’t here.  I talk to his secretary who tells me they don’t really need anybody for the summer. Mr. C says he will keep in touch with me if anything comes up.  Today was my second day reading the news.  The 7:00 was pretty shaky. But I thought the 8:00 went pretty well. Anyhow, I’ve only done this twice, but tomorrow morning Mr. B can’t be there to show some new girl how to do it.  So guess who agreed to be there at 6:15 am for him.  Let me take this time to share the normal academic report. German–test Monday, so far getting A’s and B’s, catching on slowly but surely.  Reporting II–should do pretty well, very busy class. Video I–could be exciting–we will produce a news show and some commercials.  It’s exciting to be in the booth directing the show, controlling audio, video, effects, talent, etc. Philosophy–who knows? Mike got a B so I should do that well.  Creative Writing–I can tell you one thing for sure–I’ll NEVER be a poet. It wouldn’t be unfair to say I suck. Piano–going good so far–nothing I can’t handle.  I am looking forward to doing some things as Pledge Trainer. I hope my enthusiasm doesn’t run out too quick.  we have 6 pledges this summer.  Kaleidoscope is going OK, nothing great.  I haven’t heard from the Ambassador people for months.  i think they’re going to get punted–at least as far as I’m concerned.  Work is going OK. It keeps me busy enough that I don’t get lazy.  I haven’t had a date every weekend yet. This semester I really am hurting for time.  But we have a couple fo parties coming up that I will take advantage of.  Things in the house are looking up.  We may have some money this semester and rush is going well.  If you’ve time, send me names of people who are or are thinking about going to K-State. See you later.  Checks enclosed. Love you.

Matt Sears

P.S. Also included are a couple of cartoons to help you keep in touch with what’s going on at K-State.




Night on the Nile

September 1987


Dearest Family


To Whom It May Concern

A new novel by Matt Sears!

And now a special sneak preview of the first chapter of the exciting new book.  The story of a boy and his dog.  The best of times, the worst of times.  A sci-fi epic of proportions never before witnessed on the written page.  Sort of a boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets girl in the end sort of thing. The feel good novel of the year.  You’ll want to go back and re-read this one over and over again.

So without further ado we present the first chapter of this great new novel by Matt Sears, entitled Dearest Family or Too Who It May Concern. Ladies and Gentlemen, chapter one! (applause, whistles)

Mom, Pop and Dog,

How are things? Here it is Sunday evening. What a week it’s been.  So much going on.  But first a 5 week grade report.

Small Business Operations: Test next Friday, paper handed in last Monday. No results.

Man’s Physical World II: Test #2 tomorrow.  Test#1 score 140/150 – so far so good

Audio I: Project #1 returned – A-. Test last Friday, no results, probably did pretty good. SFSG [I was way ahead of time with the texting abbreviations, about 25 years before texting was a thing.]

Principles of Advertising: Test next Friday. I hear it’s a killer, but so far: no results

Fundamentals of Performance: Very laid back class structure, should do well – A or B

Now to the important stuff.  I finally did get a date to the party. So about 6:00 pm Saturday night I started working on my costume. I have to admit, it was awesome.  I had a tiger skin head dress (you’ll see the pics) and a gold round collar and I wore the bottom part as planned but put some gold trim on it.  I twas sharp! Everybody had a sharp costume. The house looked awesome. We had a water fall off the roof onto the porch into a pond which ran off the porch into a pond which ran off the porch into a bigger pond. (About 10 pm G did a back flip into it.) I’d say the party was success.  I’m sure you know by now that I ended up taking MKJ. It was a lot of fun. At first I sort of had a date with this ADP pledge.  We went on a yogurt date last Monday. It was a lot of fun bu she couldn’t go. I’ll probably ask her out again sometime; or not. The Royals are 5 games out and the NFL is on strike. I think I’m going to cut my grade school work down to 2 days a week. I’d be working 3 hours a week, 2 1/4 hrs less than I do now. There’s a guy at the house who will be working there M W & F — I think I hope. I’m tired of working there–I’m very tired of it. In the meantime I’m going to keep an ey and ear out for some other kind of work for this and/or next semester. Mike will be home next weekend. I may or may not.  I guess I will wrap up the letter with my best rendition of what my costume looked like. See you later. Love you both.



Four-dollar Royals!

From the summer of 1987.  I was living in Merriam, splitting wood for a living. Eventually I would work as a groundsman for the same company. It was a good summer. A couple interesting things here. One, that I played 18 holes of golf.  That may have been the last time that happened. Second, $4 for a Royals game.  This, 2 years after they won the World Series.  Sheesh.

Dear Family Sears,

How are things back at the ranch. Things here are pretty good.  I went golfing the day I got your package (Monday). (Tim and I started work at 6 AM so we didn’t miss out on any work.) Anyway, I lost about all the balls that you sent (I didn’t use the floater.) The course was called Dub’s Dread. Miserable.  The longest hardest course in KC. Really. We played 18 holes.  That is Tim, Jerry, Ron–co-owner of Shawnee Mission Tree, and I. The water is what killed me.  But I’m getting better. Jerry and I beat Tim and Ron for $7 a piece.  Best ball. I won 2 holes–they gave me a stroke a hole.  I don’t know what my final score was, probably about 120. But I figure $7 should buy a bag of old golf balls somewhere. I need quantity, not quality.  We also went to a Royals game–their first against–I forgot who they played–but it was fun ($4 total). And Tim and I have hit some used book stores.  I’ve spent a few bucks–not much. I’m keeping track of most of what I send [spend?] and get. The work isn’t’ too bad.  We get about 3 cords a day done. So you can pretty much figure our gross for the summer. The work tends to be boring, but we get paid in cash every couple of days which is a little inventive. What is dad’s schedule Tuesday?  Will he be by here? When? is the whole family coming up? What’s the deal? Let me know. See ya later.



Two puppies

My favorite line from this letter when discussing grades for the semester: “The important thing is that there’s only a week left.” Clearly good grades and my education was at the top of my priority list.

The acting class that I miraculously got a B in was taught by the same professor who taught Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. I’ve been waiting for my sitcom for a while now.

Maurice Henry, mentioned below, was a Kansas State football player and my lab partner in P-World (Physical World), also mentioned below. Inspired to by this letter, I looked him up and found this recent article.

May, 1987


Yo what’s up. This time next Monday I’ll be all done. It’ll probably take a couple of days to get all packed up and unwound and stuff.  I had my acting final tonight. It consisted of going to a party for an hour in character–the character I did for my monologue (George from Some Time Next Year). It was pretty fun. I stayed a little later and shot the bull with some of the people in the class. There’s some cool people in there. I have a P-World test (Ooooo) tomorrow and the final Saturday. The library final (Ooooo) will be Thursday. Those two classes should be A’s. P-World lab will probably be an A- not sure. The music final and Am. Novel finals are both on Monday. Those could both go either A or B. Acting will probably be a B. That gives me a range of 3.3 to 3.8. The important thing is that there’s only a week left. I went to the Ballards sale this week-end. I spend $25. I got a Mickey Mouse T-shirt for $1. I got a Old Mill Beach Club for $6. And a pair of Chuck Taylors for $15. I guess that adds up to $22. Oh well.

I hope you (Mike) had a good time at the prom.  I want you to know that we are really interested in having you in the house next fall.  I think it would be great. It was fun to watch you do so well at the track meet.

G & D & R & I went tot he Alumni/Varsity football game Sat. It was a pretty good relaxing time. We got rained out the second half and left. We saw AM — she made Var. Cheerleader. I also saw Maurice Henry–he was sitting in the stands cuz he’s wounded–I was going to ask him for his autograph but didn’t get a chance.  We also had a lil’ sis picnic this week-end out at Tuttle. This was Friday afternoon and evening. That was pretty fun. Oh yeah, two guys in the house each bought a black lab puppy. They’re great. Only thing twice as cool as a puppy is two puppies. They went to the picnic at the lake and had a ball. Well, guess I’ll see you in about a week and a half.  Ta ta.



Mid Term Grades

You may see here the beginnings of me becoming an English teacher, and not getting sitcom from my acting professor, unlike some people I could mention.  I do remember most of these classes though, not library though.

March 1987

Dear Family

Hi, How’s it going?

I had some stuff I wanted to tell you, but now I can’t remember what they were. Oh yeah.

I enclosed an article about some K-State Department of Journalism Stuff that I was talking to Mike (Sears) about the other day. It explains exactly what I was talking about. [There’s not article in the envelope, so I don’t know what I was talking about.]

I haven’t written that letter to G. yet, but I will. L. (S.), it turns out also got some money on the same kind of deal from the Citizen’s Bank. [More mystery. I don’t know what’s going on here either.]

The Formal was a lot of fun, by the way. M.W. was there–which was kind of neat.  So was A.M.

I plan on coming up to the game on Friday. I read where it started at 7:30. If that’s way off, you might let me know.

We got our first test back in American Novel the other day. When I handed it in, I really had no idea what he wanted exactly, so I had no idea how I would do. Keep in mind that this is a 700-level class and good for grad credit. Anyhow, we got them back and I hand the highest grade in the class– an A-. Hope I didn’t luck out and can keep it up.

On the downer side, in my “three-hours-of-easy-A” music class, I got an 96 & 92 on the first two quizzes, but a 78 on the first test. Have to study a little harder there, huh?

While on the subject– other mid term grades: P. World A, lab B, acting B?, library A?

But enough of that.

This spring break I might take a couple days to buzz down to Tulsa and see the S’s.

Guess I’ll see you all this weekend.

Have a good week.

Mike, play good Friday.

Mom, remain calm.

Hi Dad, how’s it goin’.