I realize now that I missed an opportunity a couple Sundays ago to illustrate the zombie communion. This one was done recently by the same boy that drew the Spiderman, the one who fell in the lake. It’s another in the series “I should be working on yearbook, but doodling is more fun, if less productive.” I think I could fill a gallery with such a series. It was originally done with just pencil. It looked really good. I suggested some color. The artist wasn’t sure, but gave it a shot. I don’t think either of us were happy with the results, but neither of us wanted to tell the other. I had in mind more of a light shading. The artist of course had in mind his original black and white. There’s a moral there about sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong, or about deferring to others one’s own artistic vision. Still I got a zombie drawing out of the whole deal. So that’s nice.

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